Emotionally Engaging Patients with Customized Mobile Apps

Growing evidence shows that emotionally connected patients create more valuable customers.  Hospital mobile apps can help improve patient experience and build emotional connections between your patients and your healthcare brand.

Faced with stressful health circumstances, patients find themselves in a whirlwind of emotions: fear, confusion, loneliness, isolation, disruption of normal life.  Emotions impact how patients rate their experience with your hospital.

Customized patient-facing mobile apps can help alleviate your patients’ fears and boost their trust in your organization.  Happier patients make more valuable customers!

With MobileSmith, you can quickly launch an entire portfolio of customized native apps quickly – without the help of developers or your IT.

Provide a sense of compassionate care

Help allay your patients’ fears and offer quick access to outpatient care instructions, ‘red flags’, and medical staff. An interactive How do I feel today?tracker can give your patients a sense of being cared for – without using costly resources.

Place vital information at your patients’ fingertips

All of the key phone numbers and directions, insurance information, ER wait times, and interactive maps should be available via your hospital’s app. Your patients will appreciate a user-friendly service!

Mobile community is a source of moral support

When in stress, people value an opportunity to connect with other patients. Your app can allow them to network and offer support via social channels, as well as share their progress in interactive galleries.

Encourage responsible approach to wellness

Motivate your patients to lead a healthy lifestyle with an easy-to-use Health Tracker; stream helpful tips and educate them about diet and exercise. Build a wellness-minded community around your brand!


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